My Dad is...


My dad is my role model. He’s always so excited to serve God inside and out of church. He’s the funniest person I know and I strive to be just like him. I love him so much!


Olivia Ackerman

My dad is my best friend. He is always there to make me laugh and feel better no matter what’s happening. He’s one of my biggest supports and

I couldn’t ask for a better dad!

Izabelle Ackerman

My dad is awesome because he fixes all my toys!


Heaven Ryu


My dad is my role model. He’s the best man I know, and I strive to be more like him every day. He’s kind, compassionate, and dedicated. I’m proud to call him my dad.


Noah Ackerman

My Dad, James Rayford Tart, was an incredible man and dearly loved his family. He was a hard worker and believed in the importance of land and nature and having a garden to sustain us. He was a man of strength, honesty and integrity who always kept his word and was always on time. He encouraged us to work hard and do our best. I loved him dearly and thank him for the incredible principles, values and work ethics he instilled in me. He is living now in heaven, but will be with us in our hearts forever.

Ellen Tart Jensen

One of the hardest working men you will ever meet.  He is a strong man, a strong Christian man.  He loves the Lord and he has always set an exceptional example for his children and grandchildren on how to serve.  And I love him very much!

Tony Hewett

My dad is...what every little girl would have wanted growing up, and continues to embrace that role in every phase of my adult life. He also makes an awesome grandfather, “Pa-Pa.”

Kathryn Wright

My dad is the best dad ever and I love him. He makes me my lunch that I always want.

Grayson Nenni

Is my dad.....

D.all of the above 

Brady Nenni

My dad is the best dad in the whole world and he is so so sweet and he is very good and loving.


Jackson Nenni

My dad is... a great farmer because he grows us good vegetables in the garden.



Connor Jordan

My dad is... the best tractor driver!


Camden Jordan

My dad is my hero and my inspiration everyday to work hard and be the best man I can be.

Thomas Early

My dad is a man like no other. 

He loves the Lord with all his heart and shows that every day with much how he gives to others and himself to the Lord’s work. He will always put others, especially his family, before himself and will encourage you through it all. He gives the best advice and tolerates my “How does this work?” calls every week. I don’t know what I would do without him and will treasure the amazing memories that we have made so far forever and ever. Thanks for being THE MOST amazing dad and teaching me that I can kill a bug before he gets me.

Iva Early

My dad is knowledgeable. I always value his advice. He is supportive and loving. My dad cares for his family and volunteers his time for others, too. He is funny, handy, frugal and clever. My dad is wonderful and I love him.

Sarah Hernandez

My dad is special because he has taught me to never sweat the small stuff and constantly pushes me to be the best that I can be. He’s the hardest working man I know and I love him more than anything in the world.

Preslee Honeycutt

My dad works very hard to provide for our family.

Brooks Honeycutt

My dad is an extraordinary man, not everyone is able to do the things he does. He has been able to guide me throughout my life and make me the man I am. He has taught me countless lessons in life from how to spread butter on toast to how to use a circular saw. Arguably the most important thing he has taught me is the power of family. He’s always been there for us no matter how annoying we are or how much we get on his last nerve he loves us and cares for us. I love you dad.

Grant Barbour

My dad was a World War II veteran. My dad was a hard-working man and a great father. My dad loved his family.


Diane Shannon

My dad is a strong hardworking Christian man. He is a wonderful grandfather and dad! He has taught me the importance of God in all that I do . I am very thankful for him . Love you Always

Penni Stewart

My dad is always there for me when

I need advice and guidance. He's taught me how to fish, drive a tractor, how to work hard for everything, and how to love others. I look up to him and his relationship with God. I love my dad so much! I hope my dad has an amazing Father's Day because he deserves it!

Brionna Stewart

My Dad is amazing and fun.

Braxton Scott

My Dad is funny and caring.


Kaylee Scott

My Dad is always there for me when I need him and he has a heart of gold. Todd came into my life at 6 years old and loved me like his own. He has never gave up on me or Larry.

Chris Scott

My dad is a hiker.



Liam Trommater

My dad is funny and

he likes to ride bikes with me.



Logan Trommater

My dad loves me.



Owen Trommater

My dad is someone who puts others before himself. He is someone that continues to take care of us everyday no matter what. He teaches us lessons about life that we will never forget. He is very outdoorsy and loves to spend time with us. He is always doing what is best for us to prepare us for our future. My dad is someone that has made a big impact on our lives and he has helped shape us into the people we are today.

Bethany & Natalie Locklear

My dad is

91 years old and is still a fixer, a doer, a learner, a patriot, a protector, and a servant.



Leonard Rex

My Dad is funny, loving, and a hard worker.
Nathan and Hannah Arthur

My Father is an amazing artist and an outstanding dad!

Will Puckett

My dad is the most kindhearted person I know. He’s always there for me when I’m sad and always knows exactly how to cheer me up. My dad is creative and talented, I love watching him paint and draw. Happy Father’s Day Dad, I love you!

Sarah Puckett

My dad is my teacher, role model, and cheerleader. He gives freely of his time and helps any and everyone who may need it. He comforts me when I'm upset and cheers me on when I'm succeeding. He is hardworking, forgiving, and a wonderful listener. He follows Christ and points his family toward the Lord. My dad drives me nuts sometimes but is and has always been my favorite person. 

Erin Hewett

My Dad was a Godly man who lived the teachings of Jesus in the way he related to his family, his church, and his community.  I loved bringing my friends to our farm because he was always so gracious to them. I especially appreciated that every time he bought a piece of equipment for the farm, he would also buy something for Mom. I still feel overwhelmed with his love when I recall him selling one of our Holstein cows to pay for my college tuition. I teach the principles he taught me, such as "Half of any job is having the right tool"  in my company today! 

Barbara Taylor

My dad works hard at everything he does!


Ava Andrews

My Dad was a very gentle and kind man, never meeting a stranger.  He taught his 4 sons to treat everyone with kindness and respect, and to always be willing to help others.  He lived his Christian beliefs 24/7, setting the example of Jesus for anyone who knew him.  He had a great 92 year life.


Bill Cordray


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